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Together with our partners, Globuzzer caters to the needs of travelers, students and expats.

Globuzzer is a Social Network for Students and Expats

We provide customized services, trusted guidance, free information and much more in each city you go.

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  • Graduation from KTH Innovations Pre-Incubator


    Globuzzer has officially received a ceritificate of excellence

    ceritificate of excellence
  • UKSW University


    Partnership with UKSW University

    Partnership with UKSW University


  • Globuzzer @ SweDemo Day, the biggest startup event in Sweden


    Sweden’s largest and most spectacular un-conference for startups and investors in the digital realms is back to display and crown the up-and-coming, under-the-radar.

    Globuzzer @ SweDemo Day
  • Joined KTH Innovations Pre-incubator


    The KTH Innovation pre-incubator program is a yearlong program for early-stage, tech-based projects from KTH, one of the best technical universities in the World, looking to speed up their development.

    Joined KTH Innovations Pre-incubator
  • Featured by Mighty Networks


    Globuzzer has also been selected as a successful showcase in Silicon Valley by the hosted social network builder company Mighty Networks.

    Featured by Mighty Networks


  • The launch of SkillScanner Project


    SkillScanner offers a range of suitable English-speaking jobs, being a network where people can share their own experiences of job searching.

    launch of SkillScanner
  • Participation in Armada


    Armada arranges Scandinavia's largest career fair at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Every year, more than 12,000 of Sweden's top engineering and architectural students flock to visit the fair to meet their future employers. Each year they strive to exceed their expectations and to give both students and employees the best possible chance to interact.

    Participation in Armada
  • The launch of Globuzzer


    launch of Globuzzer

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