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  • The 2 main maps for transportation in Bogota

    The maps and zones for transportation are quite confusing in Bogota so I would suggest asking the employee there whenever you are unsure of where to go.

  • Emergency services in Bogota

    A vital thing to know when moving to a new country or even visiting are all the important numbers in case of an emergency.

  • Fastest way from South American countries to Bogota

    Flying from countries within the same continent may take as long as flying from different places and you should check what the fastest option is.

  • Cheapest airline: Europe to Bogota

    There are a lot of countries in Europe but looking at some of the chosen countries the average cheapest price for plane tickets to Colombia is £766.

  • Top 3 cultural words you should know when living in Bogota

    When moving to a new country or city it's always good to know some important words that are common wherever you are staying.

  • Shopping malls in Bogota

    Shopping malls in Bogota are really big and have everything you need inside them. In some European countries,

  • How to get a Student Visa in Bogota

    Getting a student visa has its perks in various aspects, may that be in order for you to stay longer or be able to study in Bogota.

  • Find accommodation for exchange students - Bogota

    Making sure that you have somewhere to stay upon arrival is important especially if you're an exchange student,

  • Indoor Swimming Pools - Bogota

    As Bogota is right in the middle of the country there are no beaches at all, so the best option you have is to go take a swim at the local indoor swimming pool.

  • Top 3 Brunch places in Bogota

    In Bogota, there are many places that you should go visit to make sure you try the typical Colombian breakfast.