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Copenhagen is the City of Fairytales. The rich history of Denmark’s capital has created a city with stories around every corner, a must on any traveller’s itinerary! From the arresting colours and views of Nyhavn to the sub-cultures of Christiania, there is something for everyone in Copenhagen


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  • Kulturnatten 2018 – find your culture fix amidst the darkness

    As Denmark’s daylight hours continue to decline throughout autumn,

  • Top 5 Danish Cakes: Sweet Treats for all occasions

    Forget about the world famous Danish pastries, the so-called 'Danish'.

  • That is so typically Danish!

    Like any culture, there is bound to be stereotypes, some well meaning others not so much.

  • Culture List: Music in October

    Copenhagen is filled with live music almost every day, but with so many different venues sometimes it's hard to find...

  • The Skat Man: Students and taxes in Denmark

    The Danish word 'skat' has three wildly different meanings in the Danish language: an affectionate

  • Best Bars in Copenhagen

    With its strong and infectious drinking culture, Copenhagen has so many bars to choose from

  • Financial support in Denmark: SU for EU students

    Statens Uddannelsesstøtte (State educational support) or SU for short is one of the many blessings Denmark's welfare state can bestow upon foreign students

  • How to buy and sell everything in Denmark

    Do you want to get rid of all those clothes that don't fit you anymore?

  • Top 4 tips for learning Danish

    For many moving to Copenhagen, a large part of initial assimilation will be learning the notoriously difficult language.

  • Fastelavn- Your guide to the sweet Scandi celebration

    Traditional culture, cats in barrels, fancy dress and sweet buns. It all sounds good, but what exactly is Fastelavn?