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Welcome to Helsinki, the capital and the largest city in Finland, a lively seacoast city of beautiful islands and colourful buildings. The city’s centre is full of museums, and boasts a fabulous cycling infrastructure. Helsinki is one of the safest and organised cities in the world.


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  • Stereotypes about Finland and Finns

    Every culture has its own stereotypes and prejudies. They may be sometimes absolutely true or, on the contrary, have nothing to do with reality.

  • Language cafés and non-formal language learning

    Sometimes learning foreign languages can be challenging and even boring. There are different methods of learning and everyone tries to find their own most suitable tactic.

  • Unique cafés in Helsinki

    It is well-known that Finns are the world's leaders of coffee consumption with the average of 2,64 cups per day.

  • Helsinki Design District

    Helsinki is known to be a home of design, art and creativity right in the heart of the city centre.

  • Best Halal Restaurants in Helsinki

    There are quite a number of halal restaurants in Helsinki. Some of the well-known halal restaurants in Helsinki include:

  • Cultural Helsinki: Theatres you must visit

    Helsinki can fairly be called a cultural city and the cultural capital of Finland.

  • Luggage storage service in Helsinki

    Sometimes there are so many plans and so little time to fulfil them. Going on holiday we wish to visit as many interesting places as possible.

  • Student benefits

    Finland is a student-friendly country which always attracts a great number of students to come here for studying.

  • How easy for non-Finnish speaker to find a job in Helsinki ?

    This article is reflecting my own work experience in Finland in order to share it with all non-Finnish speakers who arrived recently.

  • 'Taste' Finland: the most popular Finnish foods

    The pecularity of the Finnsih traditional cuisine comes from the country's climate and history.