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Welcome to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The city where you could enjoy the tropical sun, encounter typical friendly people and experience unity in diversity of Indonesia.


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  • Best Places to Work Remotely in Jakarta

    Taking a day off from the office to do some remote working? Look no further, we've compiled 4 different places,

  • 5 Indonesian Phrases You Need to Know

    Stepping your feet into Jakarta might excite you, but you're probably wondering how to get around the city without knowing any Indonesian word.

  • Moving to Jakarta: Finding a Cheap Place to Live

    Jakarta is a very lovely city, with all its positives and negatives. People from outside Indonesia may first find it difficult to start living in Jakarta,

  • Traveling by Train in Jakarta

    The railway system in Jakarta is pretty simple compare to other fast-paced countries such as Japan and Korea.

  • Best Way to Get Around Jakarta

    Jakarta known for its major traffic jam due to the number of cars we have. You will probably think that car would be the worst decision..

  • Arts and music spots in Jakarta

    Jakarta has a very lively atmosphere of arts and music. So many communities are lately getting more active in creating shows and events.

  • Jakarta aka the Street Food Galore

    Jakarta is a good place to start savoring all the scrumptious food that Indonesia has to offer. With its rich culinary scene,

  • Markets in Jakarta

    Indonesian products are utterly wonderful. If you live outside Asia, you will probably be amazed with the vast and unique..

  • Best Ways to Find Events in Jakarta

    There's always something for everyone in Jakarta; workshops, music gigs, exhibitions, you name it.

  • Christmas in Jakarta

    Indonesia is a country based on the ideology of “Pancasila”, which holds the principle of the freedom of people.