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Welcome to Lisbon, the sunny city by the Atlantic ocean! Lisbon is a vibrant city with something for everyone, all the time. It can offer you a city life full of things to explore, at the same as you can go to the beach at the end of each day and feel connected to the ocean like nowhere else!


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  • Ways to store your luggage in Lisbon

    If you are traveling to Lisbon you should consider what to do with your luggage when you get there.

  • Where to apply for ID in Portugal

    If you just arrived in Lisbon or any other city in Portugal or you are planning on moving there for a considerable period of time,

  • Public transport tickets in Lisbon

    If you are going to travel to Lisbon, one of your main concerns will certainly be how to move around the city.

  • Outdoor spaces to exercise in Lisbon

    Exercising outside is a trendy hobby nowadays in Lisbon. The good weather is inviting and the great views of the city, river, and ocean.

  • Zones of public transport in Lisbon

    In Lisbon, there are different areas of the city when it comes to public transport.

  • 'Campo Pequeno'- Lisbon's unique attraction

    In Portugal, there is still a very strong tradition of bullfights, even though the controversy of the tradition is constantly increasing.

  • Visas and Permits for International students in Portugal

    If you are thinking about moving to Portugal to study, you should consider the requirements and processes,

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  • Opening a bank account in Portugal

    As an expat living in Portugal it is natural that you feel the need to open a portuguese bank account.

  • Hidden gems in the streets of Lisbon

    More than for the great museums, monuments, and attractions, the reason why people keep falling in love with Lisbon is it's charming and genuine,