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Oslo, a city where raw Norwegian nature and Scandinavian minimalism meet in order to create one of the most magnificent places in Europe. Oslo is a meeting point of many cultures and in its streets, parks and fjords you will find many incredible stories that will imprint this city in your memory.


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  • A Brief Introduction to the Norwegian Way of Life

    View over the fjord from Preikestolen. Photo from SnapwireSnaps Have you ever wondered what makes the Norwegian lifestyle...

  • What will make your CV stand out in Norwegian job market?

    It doesn't matter if you want to find job in Oslo or in Stockholm, or maybe even in Helsinki, there are some rules that apply...

  • How to obtain Norwegian (ID) number

    Photo from: When working in Norway, you must have a Norwegian ID number. This number is used for...

  • Candy of Norway

    Photo by Steve Buissinne Although there is a large state campaign that is tackling obesity and diabetes, and promoting healthy food...

  • Where to store your luggage in Oslo?

    Are you planning to stay in Oslo only for few hours or days and you don't want to drag your luggage around the city with you...

  • Best cafés for remote work in Oslo

    Find the perfect café for remote work in Oslo. Photo by RawPixel Productivity and motivation can be elusive when you are trying...

  • Discover Mathallen - Part 2

    Satisfy your cravings at Mathallen. Photo from MathallenOslo Mathallen is the number one food market in Oslo and has a wide...

  • Spas and Saunas in Oslo

    Find your spa paradise in Oslo. Photo by Jesse Schoff The long and freezing winters in Norway can be taxing on your body and...

  • From Gardermoen to Oslo: Cheapest Way around!

    Fall/Winter Show during Milan Fashion Week - the most bizarre catwalk in a fashion history. Photo from Gizmodo From 20th to 26th of February...

  • His Majesty Mariusgenser

    Mariusgenser or Marius sweater is one of the symbols of Norway. Photo from It has history and culture knitted in, it...