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  • New Sabana Rawa Pening: a beautiful savanna appears once in many years

    New Sabana Rawa Pening is a beautiful savanna which comes up from Rawa Pening lake and won’t stay for long. Come and be...

  • Where to get food in Salatiga at 2 in the morning?

    A lot of us youngsters love having a good midnight snack once in a while. In Salatiga, the culinary scene can cater your late night...

  • Low Budget Short Escapes in Indonesia

    Are you a college student? Are you also that one kind of person who thinks about refreshment at the peak of the semester, but...

  • Five places around Salatiga to befriend with nature

    Salatiga is surrounded with lots of nature, such as mountains, waterfalls, lakes, spring waters, and hills. Places that will suit you...

  • Mountain Climbing in Salatiga: Merbabu

    Are you getting bored with the crowd of the city all around you? Let's just enjoy your adventurous time in nature and...

  • Shopping for fashion in Salatiga?

    Arriving in Salatiga with no idea where to go shopping for new clothes? Here are a few shops you can visit to satisfy your...

  • A delighted walk along Salatiga

    Salatiga is a beautiful city. Picture was taken by Urusandunia Transportation is of course not just about riding a motorcycle...

  • Horse Activities in Salatiga

    Are you a horse lover? Salatiga even still in its infancy provides you enough horse activities and attractions for you who love horses...

  • Drugstores: complete your medicine need while in Salatiga

    If you need to go to the drugstores to buy some medicines, then below are the drugstores that at least you need to know while...

  • Rawa Pening Lake: Delightful waters surrounded by land

    Rawa Pening Lake is a water tourism spot which placed at the border of Salatiga. Its existence has attracted the interest of...